About Us

The aims of the website:
1. information about the annual meeting and NeuroVision training weekend
2. access to research projects and fellowship opportunities for those wishing to train in neuro-ophthalmology
3. an educational service for practitioners of ophthalmic and neurologic health care
4. information about other neuro-ophthalmologic events and web-based resources.


Current NOSA executive

President                                               John Crompton

Secretary Treasurer                             Mark Paine

President Elect                                     Christian Lueck

Vice President                                        Celia Chen

Past President                                        Isla Williams


Committee members: Clare Fraser and Kate Ahmad.

Chairs of Sub-committees:

NeuroVision training weekend and education: Christian Lueck and Clare Fraser

Scientific Committee:                                            Celia Chen and Larry Abel

NeuroVision and NOSA website:                         Clare Fraser

Paediatric:                                                                 Susan Carden and Lionel Kowal

NeuroVision Fund for Research:                           Isla Williams

Liaison Officers 

  • ANZAN –  Isla Williams
  • Victorian College of Optometry – Larry Abel